Learn how to get better control over document stamping in Worldox

Join Paul Purdue to learn how DocID from BigHand can help you by offering better document stamping options.

Have you ever wanted to format the document stamp differently than everyone else in the firm? Maybe a different font or different size? Perhaps a different position? What about Excel spreadsheets (which Worldox alone offers no support for)?

Enter DocID from BigHand. DocID allows individual users control over their own document stamping, while allowing for firmwide control of just how much flexibility each user has. And it can do all that for Excel as well!

Join Paul as he welcomes Judye Releford from BigHand to talk about the flexibility that DocID brings to the table.

Learn how to quickly tell when advances have been paid by the client (so you can pay the vendor)

Join Paul Purdue to learn how our new AdvanceMonitor can help you to keep track of unpaid invoices in AP where you are waiting for payment from the client before you pay the vendor.

Some firms have arrangements with certain vendors (Expert Witnesses, Court Reporters, Doctors, etc.) that they will pay that vendor AFTER they receive payment from the client. Tracking that has been an entirely manual process – until now. With AdvanceMonitor, you can instantly see which outstanding AP invoices have been paid by the client so that you can release those funds (without having to spend a lot of time looking).

Join Paul as he demonstrates this time saving technology.

Learn how to convert Word to PDF instantly from within PracticeMaster

Join Paul Purdue to learn how our new PDFCreator can make childs play out of creating PDF’s from Word Documents within PracticeMaster’s Document Management.

If you are using PracticeMaster for document management, then you know that creating a PDF from a Word document (that you already have in PM) involves opening the document, converting it, and then creating a whole new document management record in PM. That’s why we developed PDFCreator! With PDFCreator, you simply highlight the document management record and hit a button – the software does the rest, in seconds!

Join Paul as he demonstrates this time saving technology.

Learn how to quickly calculate interest on advances logged in Tabs3

Join Paul Purdue to learn how our new Interest Calculator iCalc can make child’s play out of the tedious task of calculating interest on advances that have been logged in Tabs3.

If you do any Plaintiff’s work on a contingent basis, and you are advancing money to pay costs on those cases, you must have, at some time, had to calculate interest so you can collect that money against the settlement. It’s a long, arduous process since there is no mechanism in Tabs3 to do it, and you have to calculate line by line. We’ve seen situations where this routine task can take 30, 40, sometimes 50 minutes for a single matter – not a good situation in a high volume Plaintiff’s firm.

Paul demonstrates how iCalc can read the data from Tabs3 and provide an interest calculation compounded in a number of different ways, literally in seconds!

Learn how our cloud based dashboard “Metric” can put KPI’s in front of those that need them

Join Paul Purdue to learn how Metric, our new cloud based dashbord product, can put key metrics and performance indicators in front of the right people, at the right time, no matter where they may happen to be.

Lawyers (and administrators) don’t really want to be looking at a sea of numbers – they want to be able to look at something that will show them instantly who’s billing the most, who’s writing off too much time, who’s generating the most revenue, or which expenses are close to exceeding budget (to name just a few). Metric, our graphicly oriented, cloud based dashboard product does just that.

Join Paul as he takes you on a guided tour of Metric, shows some of the built in KPI’s, and explains how custom queries can be incorporated to meet your firm’s specific needs.

Learn how to automatically “fix” your electronic bill upload files before you send them

Join Paul Purdue to learn how you can use our handy dandy utility program eBillRescue to tweak those eBill upload files that you’re currently editing by hand – one at a time.

Don’t get us started on eBilling – we know it’s a pain – you know it’s a pain. But what’s even more frustrating is those little tweaks that you have to do to the files after you’ve generated them and before you upload them: adding the zip code to the end of the taxpayer ID, deleting 0 value fees, altering the format of a file number – the list seems endless sometimes.

Join Paul as he demonstrates our new utility program eBillRescue that can automatically make multiple changes to hundreds of files in seconds.

Learn how to use portals to interact with your clients 24/7

Join Paul Purdue to learn how you can use a portal to streamline communication with clients, collect information, process payments, and replenish trust accounts.

Clients are demanding more access to information these days. Firms want to give clients that level of access, but the information lies in PracticeMaster and Tabs3. Many times, lawyers end up answering these client requests one at a time, wasting hours that can’t be billed.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could also accept information: payments, trust replenishment, intake information, etc.? Web Portals allow for this 24/7 exchange of information that can take client satisfaction to the next level.

Join Paul as he demonstrates how our development team can get information to and from your clients with a custom web portal.

Learn how to stay on top of budgeting for your insurance clients

Join Paul Purdue to learn how you can use PracticeMaster to closely monitor your matter budgets.

If you work with insurance companies, then chances are you’re preparing budgets for many of the matters. Are you submitting those budgets to the insurance companies and then forgetting about them – until the client tells you that you are over budget? That can’t be good!

What you need is a mechanism to monitor those budgets, compare them to actual billed and unbilled time, and then AUTOMATICALLY alert the attorney in charge when a matter is approaching budget. This way, you can be proactive, and amend the budget before you go OVER budget.

Join Paul as he demonstrates new technology that we’ve developed to monitor budgets and allow the firm to react appropriately when fees add up quicker than expected.

Learn how to automate your eBilling with eBillingHub (and Tabs3)

Join Paul Purdue to learn how eBillingHub from Thomson Reuters can streamline your eBilling process from end to end.

If you’re doing ANY electronic billing these days, then you know how confusing and time consuming it can be. Dozens of websites (and logins); different rules and guidelines for every client; bills getting rejected and you can’t figure out why; the list goes on and on.

Enter eBillingHub – ONE website that pulls data directly from Tabs3 (no more TaskBill), creates LEDES files, pre-validates, submits, reports, and then monitors them until they are paid. I know – it sounds like heaven.

Join Paul as he welcomes Ken Wineke from Thomson Reuters to talk about the “one two punch” of Tabs3 and eBillingHub.

Learn how to search beyond the realm of Worldox

Join Paul Purdue to learn how MetaJure ILLUMINATE can help you find things that aren’t in Worldox.

There’s SO much information these days (especially email)! How do we ever get it all into Worldox? DO we get it all into Worldox? How can we be sure that every relevant email is put away in Worldox? The bottom line is, we can’t. That’s where MetaJure’s ILLUMINATE product comes in – it allows you to search EVERYTHING that’s not in Worldox (including email) across your entire network.

Join Paul as he welcomes Dan Mintz from MetaJure to talk about ILLUMINATE and how it works to augment your Worldox searches.