Learn to set filters, etc. globally & handle odd characters in journalled email in PracticeMaster

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into the All User checkbox and the strange characters that can sometimes creep into journalled emails.

When you journal emails to PracticeMaster, do you ever get strange characters that don’t show up in the original email? It could be an encoding issue, and Mary Jo takes a look at what you might be able to do to fix that.

Paul takes a look at the ability to push column layouts, filters, and QuickViews to all users by checking the “All Users” checkbox.

Learn how to merge contacts and print contact usage info in PracticeMaster

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle Merging Contacts and Printing Contact Usage info.

Have you ever noticed that the contact file contains a tab that shows where that contact is used in PracticeMaster? Have you ever tried to print that list? Although it’s not immediately obvious how to do that, you can, and Mary Jo shows us how.

Paul takes a deep dive into how to combine duplicate contacts into one record.

Learn how to rename a contact and all about virtual fields in PracticeMaster

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they explore renaming contacts and virtual fields.

Have you ever had a contact get married and you don’t know how to change the contact ID? Or how about those instances where the contact ID was entered incorrectly to begin with? Mary Jo demonstrates how to solve this problem and explains all the different things you need to consider.

Paul talks about virtual fields: what they are, how to create them, and why.

Learn how to control calendar access and all about the Preview Window in PracticeMaster

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into the Preview Window and Calendar Rights.

Hidden deep in the farthest recesses of System Configuration is the ability to define who has what level of access to each user’s calendars in PracticeMaster. Mary Jo explains what you can restrict and how to do it.

Paul takes a deep dive into the Preview Window and explains what all those settings (that, perhaps, you’ve never even noticed) do.

Learn how to organize your QuickClicks and how to dial the phone in PracticeMaster

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle organizing the QuickClicks Pane and how to dial the telephone directly from PracticeMaster.

Is your QuickClicks pane a hodgepodge of options? Mary Jo demonstrates how to rearrange, organize and even hide options so that your QuickClicks pane shows JUST what you want.

Paul explores the requirements and things to consider if you’d like to dial the phone directly from PracticeMaster records.

Learn how to duplicate any record and how to jump to any folder, all from within PracticeMaster

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they explore the “replicate record” function and a trick to allow you to instantly jump to any Windows folder.

You may know that you can put a field in any PracticeMaster file that will open a document, but did you know there’s a secret that will allow you to use this field to also open a folder? Mary Jo demonstrates how this works and give some examples of where it might be useful.

Paul shows how to use the replicate records function to quickly duplicate any PracticeMaster record.

Learn how to search documents in PracticeMaster and how Symphony OCR makes all your PDF’s searchable

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into searching documents in PracticeMaster.

If you’re storing documents in PracticeMaster, then you need to be able to zero in on the right document at the right time. Mary Jo explores the different ways that PracticeMaster allows to you to search for documents.

Paul looks at Symphony OCR, a program that will help to make sure that all your PDF documents are in a “readable” format to facilitate full text searching.

Learn all about printer settings in PracticeMaster

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle everything you need to know about printers.

Usually, the printer settings in PracticeMaster are fine the way they are, so that makes it even more challenging when you actually need to change something – where do you go? You’ve probably only been there once or twice before – how do you get back?

We’ll cover it all: landscape vs. portrait; margins; fonts; we’ll even show you how to create a second set of settings for the same printer!

Learn how eNotes enhance communication in PracticeMaster and how to access data from other sources

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they explore communicating using eNotes and accessing your data with ODBC.

Did you ever wish you could have a back and forth conversation (like texting) with someone else in the office about a matter? And then store the conversation with the matter? And even include links to certain records (matter, calendar, journal)? Well you can, and Mary Jo shows you how to do all these things and more with eNotes and eNotify.

Paul talks about using the ODBC drivers to gain access to ALL the data that’s in PracticeMaster (as well as Tabs3, AP, GL, and Trust) from inside ANY ODBC compliant software (like Excel, Access, or Crystal Reports).

Learn how to deal with DFIC errors in PracticeMaster, and how to see all records in certain files

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into DFIC errors (and what to do with them) and Opening files (journal, calendar, etc.) to show all records.

If you’ve ever run a Data File Integrity Check Report, then perhaps you’ve come across an error. Many people know to run the reports (to make sure things are ship shape), but what do you do when you get an error (other than call Mary Jo or STI)? Mary Jo (the one and only) gives you her tips for how to deal with some common DFIC errors.

Paul shows you how to open files in PracticeMaster (calendar, journal, etc.) to show ALL records, not just those that are specific to a certain matter.