Learn all about aging periods and budgets in Tabs3

Coming Soon – Currently in Post Production

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle aging periods in Tabs3 and AP, and budgets in Tabs3.

Do your accounts receivable and accounts payable aging periods in the software line up with what your firm wants to track? Did you know you could change them? Mary Jo shows us how.

Paul reviews the various budgeting options that Tabs3 offers to track budgets on a per matter basis.

Learn how to adjust a payment and quickly find a matter in Tabs3

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they explore Payment Adjustments and the Client Lookup Window.

Did you ever find yourself in a position where you need to change a payment that has already been entered? Mary Jo talks about the Payment Adjustment feature and the ins and outs of modifying a payment after the fact.

Paul takes a close look at the Client Lookup window and will demonstrate some things that might make it easier to quickly get to a specific matter.

Learn how to setup bank accounts in Trust, and how to use custom fields for eBilling in Tabs3

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into bank accounts in Trust and custom fields for eBilling in Tabs3.

Did you ever wonder what the settings in the bank account configuration section of Trust include? Mary Jo takes us on a guided tour of those screens, so that you’ll be prepared if you ever need to change an existing account or add a new one.

Paul looks at using the custom fields feature of Tabs3 to streamline the management of that extra information that’s necessary for electronic billing.

Learn all about printer settings in Tabs3

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle everything you need to know about printers.

Usually, the printer settings in Tabs3 are fine the way they are, so that makes it even more challenging when you actually need to change something – where do you go? You’ve probably only been there once or twice before – how do you get back?

We’ll cover it all: landscape vs. portrait; margins; fonts; checks vs reports vs statements; we’ll even show you how to create a second set of settings for the same printer!

Learn how to create a credit memo in Accounts Payable and uncover the mystery of verification lists

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they explore credit memos and verification lists.

Did you ever get a credit from a vendor instead of a refund? Mary Jo shows you how to create a credit memo to handle this situation in Accounts Payable.

Paul talks about verification lists – how to use them, how to turn them off, how to print them, and most importantly, how to delete them (before they get full).

Learn how to manage your Account List in GL and how to Override Default Payment Allocation in Tabs3

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle the new Chart of Accounts functionality and how to override the default payment allocation as part of the payment entry process.

In version 18, the Chart of Accounts screen was totally rewritten to make it much easier to add, change, delete, sort and move accounts to fit your specific accounting needs. Mary Jo demonstrates this new functionality.

Paul shows the often overlooked button that reveals (while it’s being entered) how a payment will be allocated, allowing you to override that default allocation (if necessary/desired).

Learn about Trust Reports and Automatic Trust Payment posting to Tabs3

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they explore Automatic Tabs3 payment processing and reporting in Trust.

New in version 18 is the ability to have Trust payments to the firm automatically created as part of the billing process. Paul digs deep into the mechanics behind this new functionality.

Mary Jo looks at all things reporting in Trust to give a clear overview of what’s available.

Learn how to automate your Report Printing in Tabs3

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into Report Definitions and Report Suites.

Do you ever find yourself printing the same report over and over, and having to fill out the same information each time for certain reports? Mary Jo talks about how to SAVE those settings so that you don’t have to fill them out each time.

Paul talks about how to print multiple reports with a single click (rather than printing each one individually).

Learn about Contacts, and how to make the Main tab your own in Tabs3

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle customizing the “Main” tab and explain what contacts are in Tabs3.

There are so many things you CAN do in Tabs3, but only a handful of things that you mostly do. Mary Jo talks about how to customize the “Main” tab to bring those commonly used tasks front and center.

Paul talks about what contacts mean in Tabs3 – a mystery to some, since contacts were added in version 16.1.