Learn how to control which emails get saved and how to save attachments as versions in Worldox

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into Email Rules and Versioning for items coming into the firm from outside sources.

Have you ever NOT wanted to save an email into Worldox? Or have it stop asking for the emails you send to your spouse or kids? Or stop asking to automatically profile emails altogether? Mary Jo looks at how to control the automatic profiling of emails.

Paul looks at what you can do to re-associate a NEW version that comes from someone outside the firm (client, co-counsel, etc.) with the original document (rather than saving as a brand new document).

Learn how to print multiple documents and how to use SendTo’s in Worldox

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle Printing multiple documents and “SendTo’s”.

Do you have 9 documents to print, and not enough time to open each one in Word (or Adobe, or Excel) individually? Mary Jo demonstrates how to print them all at once, directly from Worldox.

Paul explores the mysteries of “SendTo’s” – Worldox’s way to get files out of the document store. He talks about what they are and how to use the predefined SendTo’s that come with Worldox, as well as taking a close look at how to define your own SendTo’s to meet your firm’s specific needs.

Learn all about the Worldox Ribbon in Word and the best practice for using a document as a template

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they explore the Worldox ribbon in Word and best practices for using an existing document as a template for another.

Have you ever used a document from one matter as a template to create the same document for another – and then gone and saved on top of the original document?? We all have! Mary Jo talks about some best practices that are designed to help you avoid this situation.

Paul takes a deep dive into the Worldox Ribbon that appears in Word (and Excel).

Learn how to profile emails into Worldox from your phone, and all about the viewers

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into all things “viewer” and moving emails to Worldox from your phone.

Did you know there are two “viewers” in Worldox? Did you know they show inline text search results? Did you know you have a lot of control over how they look and act? Mary Jo takes a deep dive into each viewer and cover all the nooks and crannies.

Paul talks about how to move emails into Worldox DIRECTLY from your phone or tablet.

Learn how to save directly to a project and export a list of documents in Worldox

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle saving to a project and exporting lists of documents.

In the past, getting a brand new document into an existing project has been a multistep process. Mary Jo demonstrates a new feature that allows a document to be added to a project on the initial save.

Paul talks about the list export feature that can help to create a list of virtually any document set in Worldox to then use in Word or Excel or anywhere.

Learn how to know when documents are modified and how to configure email settings in Worldox

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they explore the notification feature for auditable events and setting up Worldox to be able to send emails.

Virtually everything that is done to documents in Worldox is “audited” and we’ve talked in the past about how to see that audit database, but did you know that you can also set Worldox up to send email when auditable events occur? Mary Jo shows us how to do that.

Paul talks about how to set Worldox up to be able to send emails (including these audit emails).

Learn how each user can set their own preferences and bookmarks in Worldox

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into user preferences and bookmarks in Worldox.

Did you ever want to change the way Worldox does certain things, but not for everyone. Mary Jo digs into the user specific preferences screens to show what can be changed on a user level.

Paul looks at how bookmarks can help you to quickly get to certain matters, specific types of documents, a cabinet, a project, and more.

Learn how to jump to a matter from a document in Worldox, and make all your PDF’s searchable

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle moving quickly from favorites to specific folders and making sure all your PDF’s are searchable.

Have you ever found a document in favorites and wanted to get to a list of ALL the documents for that matter, or for that person in the HR cabinet, or for that folder in the confidential cabinet? Mary Jo shows you a couple of tricks to get you there quickly.

Paul talks about how Symphony OCR can help to make sure that EVERY PDF in the system is searchable by scanning them all in the background.

Learn about description defaults in Worldox and get a peek at the new Indexer as a Service

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they explore document description defaults and the new way to run the Indexer: as a service.

Mary Jo is excited to share some news that users of GX3 might be interested in – the return of description defaults.

Paul’s got exciting news too: the new “Indexer as a Service” is finally here. That means that the indexer machine doesn’t need to be logged in anymore, and the indexer will still always be running (as long as the machine is on). Paul explains how to make this happen and what to consider before making the leap.

Learn how to remove favorites in Worldox and how to setup a “profiled” column in Outlook

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into Deleting Favorites and knowing what emails have been profiled.

You’ve got Favorite Matters and you’ve got Favorite Files, and most of us understand how they get there, but did you know you can remove them from being favorites when you don’t want to see them anymore? Mary Jo shows you how.

Paul demonstrates how to setup a column in Outlook that will let you see which emails have been profiled into Worldox and which ones have not.