Learn how to expand limits on copying and attaching files and how to add a document stamp to files

Join Paul and Mary Jo on as they explore the limits Worldox arbitrarily places on certain functions and the mechanics of the document stamp.

Have you ever gone to copy or move files, or maybe attach files to an email, only to find that Worldox says you have “exceeded” the limits. Mary Jo looks at what’s behind that, where it comes from, and, most importantly, the fact that those limits can be increased.

Paul looks at the document stamp (that can appear on Word and Excel documents), how to set it up, and how to format it.

Learn how to control your Worldox File list and how to move around it freely

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into the “Show/Hide” options and the “tabs” options under “Display” in Worldox.

Have you ever had something mysteriously show up in your Worldox File List, and you’re not sure how it got there (or how to get rid of it)? Mary Jo digs deep into the “Show/Hide” options that are buried in the “Display” menu item – the answer you seek may be hiding there.

Paul (the keyboard shortcut man) talks about how to move among the various tabs (both at the bottom and at the the top) without using your mouse.

Learn how to get to Worldox files or file lists from other programs

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle how to reference Worldox documents from outside Worldox.

There are times when you want to “point” to a Worldox document from someplace else: like a PracticeMaster calendar entry that contains a link to the pleading that is the basis for a hearing. Mary Jo tells you how to get the location of the document and she shows that calendar example.

Paul demonstrates how to get a whole file list (rather than a single document).

Learn how to “Open With” in Worldox, and learn how to use Workspaces

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they explore Workspaces and opening files with something other than the default.

Have you ever wanted to organize files differently than they are in Worldox, but you also have to leave them where they are? Workspaces may be the answer. Mary Jo looks at how you can use Workspaces to create an alternate “folder like” view of files that are already in Worldox.

Paul demonstrates how you can use the “Open With” feature to open a file using something other than the standard default (like a CSV in notepad, rather than Excel).

Learn how to use the viewer in Worldox and how to take files with you

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into the viewer as well as how to take Worldox files with you.

Have you ever found a file in Worldox and opened it only to discover that it’s not the file you wanted? Mary Jo looks at the viewer and how you can use it to take a peek at a file before you open it.

Paul talks about taking files with you (outside of Worldox) and explore when it’s important to check them out (and when it doesn’t matter).

Learn how to relate documents to one another in Worldox, and how to control your column layouts

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle Column Layouts and Relationships.

There are times when you want to relate one document to another, and Worldox has parent and child relationships that can help you to do that. Mary Jo demonstrates how these relationships work, and how to set them up.

Paul talks about column layouts and how to make them your own.

Learn how to sort on multiple levels and how to control Direct Access in Worldox

Join Paul as he explores Direct Access and Multi Level Sorting.

We all know that if you click on a column heading in Worldox, you will sort by that field, but what if you want to sort on client, then matter, then date, for instance? Paul shows you how to use Multi Level Sorting to do just that.

Paul answers the age old questions of “Why does Direct Access default to that?” and “How can I change what it’s defaulting to?”

Learn to work with multiple categories/documents, and learn about the new Outlook Drop folder naming

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into Assigning multiple categories to multiple documents and the new drop folder naming functionality.

Have you ever tried to assign a category to multiple documents? How about multiple categories to one document? There are several ways you might try, but some work and some don’t. Mary Jo sorts this all out for us and make everything clear.

Paul demonstrates the new ways to name and organize the Outlook Drop Folders that are automatically created for your favorite matters, and probably go on and on about how it’s literally changed his life.

Learn how to change fonts, colors, and sizes, and how to customize the button bar

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle how to make Worldox look the way you want.

Sometime fonts are too small, or you want a different color, or maybe the “Segoe” font just isn’t your thing. Mary Jo demonstrates the new functionality that allows you to change fonts, colors, and sizes.

Paul looks at customizing the button bar: changing words, changing icons, plus adding and removing functions.

Learn about enhanced PracticeMaster integration plus all the ways to get documents into Worldox

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they explore PracticeMaster integration and getting documents into Worldox.

If you have PracticeMaster, you are probably aware that it integrates with Worldox: creating new matters and showing document lists from the client file or Matter Manager, but there is another level of integration. Mary Jo demonstrates the PracticeMaster Toolbar that can be installed into Worldox to allow creation of fees, journal records, and calendar records, as well as a direct link BACK to the Matter Manager.

Paul expands on a previous topic and covers all the additional ways to get documents into Worldox.