Learn how to Reconcile Credit Card Statements and how to Add Non-Client Receipts to a Deposit Slip

Many people reconcile their operating and trust bank accounts in the accounting software, but did you know that you can reconcile credit card statements using the same methodology. By setting up your credit card account in General Ledger (in a certain way), you are able to use the bank account reconciliation feature to reconcile credit cards – we show you how.

We also look at adding non-client receipts to a deposit slip. If you use deposit slips in GL, you know that every payment that’s made into Tabs3 shows up for inclusion on the deposit slip. But what about those non-client related receipts, like rent (if you own the building), office supply rebates, employee reimbursements (for that package that Bob shipped on the firm UPS account). There’s a simple trick that allows those items to be included on the deposit slip – we reveal the secret.

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