Using PracticeMaster for Marketing and CRM

Join Paul as he explores the concept of using the contacts file in PracticeMaster to manage firm marketing and customer relationships (CRM).

By taking advantage of PracticeMaster’s flexible file structure and by utilizing some of Attorney Computer Systems “best practices”, you can get rid of all those spreadsheets that track who gets what newsletter, or new lawyer announcements, or the large vs the small tins of popcorn at Christmas, or the Thanksgiving card, and you can stop trying to coordinate address information across multiple locations.

You’ll learn how to manage who gets what, and make sure the right “touch” is hitting the right people at the right location (the new lawyer announcements goes to David C. Purdue at the work address, but the holiday party invitation goes to Dave and Cathy Purdue at the home address).

This is Paul’s favorite topic and one that he LOVES to talk about, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to learn some of his secrets.

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