Learn how to search documents in PracticeMaster and how Symphony OCR makes all your PDF’s searchable

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into searching documents in PracticeMaster.

If you’re storing documents in PracticeMaster, then you need to be able to zero in on the right document at the right time. Mary Jo explores the different ways that PracticeMaster allows to you to search for documents.

Paul looks at Symphony OCR, a program that will help to make sure that all your PDF documents are in a “readable” format to facilitate full text searching.

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  1. Michelle Moon
    Michelle Moon says:

    Is there a way to reset the document search options from the last document search? For example, if the last search that I made was specific to 5 clients, and my new search references 5 different clients, I have to remember to remove the 5 that were selected before and clear them from the new search.


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