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Learn everything there is to know about the email tab in Worldox

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle the email tab in Worldox.

It’s that tab that no one ever goes to, no one even knows it’s there (usually). Or, worse yet, they click on it by accident and feel like they’ve gone down the rabbit hole.

Worldox has (and, for that matter, has always had) this special tab that gives you all sorts of control over your email from within Worldox. Paul and Mary Jo join forces to explain all that there is to know about this powerful functionality.

Butterfly Effect in Business

There was a day and time when it was very important for me to understand cause and effect.  I would look at people who had lost a lot of weight and wonder what they were able to do to create that change in their life.  I would look at business success in the same fashion.  This person has created a wonderful business. I wonder what I can learn from them so I too can create a successful business.

While this type of learning is valuable; it is not as complete as I once thought.  I call this linear cause and effect, but linear cause and effect is a small drop in the bucket when compared to the tsunami of impact created through abstract cause and effect. Let me explain.

If you are trying to change something in your office or with yourself, you may look at the things creating the situation.  For example, if you are trying to increase the amount of work the other people in the office are able to produce, you may look for things that are distracting them and try and eliminate the distractions.  You may try to enforce some of the rules to help keep people on task.  You may even try and sit down with them more often to understand and connect with them.  All of these things are great ways to improve the productivity in the office, and you may develop a nice system that puts all of these things into motion.

The only problem with this linear method of change is that it is very limiting. By having your hands on every detail to impact every change, you are too close to the situations to really impact the greater group. By raising yourself up above the situation, you’ll be able to have a greater impact.

In order to raise yourself up above the situation, you must be well-versed in the practice of keeping your attention in the present moment.  Keeping your attention in the present moment allows you to tap into that great intelligence which exists all around us.

Great intelligence? Yes, when you look around you’ll see there is an intelligence in nature, an intelligence in science, an intelligence in whatever you’d like to call that which is bigger than our understanding.  This greater intelligence is unfolding and can be tapped into at will via the present moment.

This so-called Butterfly Effect is demonstrated when you encounter a butterfly flapping its wings as you park your car after lunch.  It has such an impact on you because you remembered how you used to watch butterflies as a kid, or because it was just so beautiful that you began to think about all of the people impacted by the work done in your office.  This reminder gave you pause to think about how much more impact your office could make if it were more efficient.  It gave you pause to think about how many people would be impacted if you could focus more on the purpose behind your work and less on the gossip around the water cooler.

Having this thought gave you the unmistakable feeling of genuine inspiration to make a difference.  But where?  Yes, but where do I start?  You start where you are.  What is in front of you to do now?  What is yours to do in this moment?

Have you have been meaning to clean out that junk drawer in your desk?  Perfect. Start there.  You never know what you’re going to find in there and what it may lead you to.  This is abstract cause and effect and it will allow you to travel faster and freer than any linear method.

You’ll know you’re on the right path because you’ll be able to follow the moments from one to another.  You’ll know if you get off track because off-track and on-track feel much different.  When you feel on-track, you keep going.  When you feel off-track, you reevaluate, make sure you’re in the present moment, and you plug back in and get back to work.

What starts with cleaning out a junk drawer at work, can end up with an idea that saves the company money, brings in new clients, or revolutionizes the way your work flows.  As you start experimenting with this abstract way of working and thinking, you’ll find yourself flirting with genius — the genius which is available to everybody.

Learn how to build a simple Filter and Check for Conflicts in PracticeMaster

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle simple filters and conflict checking.

Filters (even simple ones) harness the power of the information that you keep in your practice management system. Mary Jo shows how to build a filter using the wizard, and, in no time, be looking at (only) the information that you need to see.

Paul covers all things Conflict: how to search, how to print a report, and how to to control what gets searched, what doesn’t, and how it shows up on the report.

Learn how to Check for Conflicts in Tabs3 and how to Print Vendor Labels in AP

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle Conflict Checks and Vendor Labels.

PracticeMaster is the best place to check for conflicts, but some people don’t have PracticeMaster. Paul demonstrates best practices for checking for conflicts directly from within Tabs3.

Mary Jo demonstrates how to print (or export) vendor labels from Accounts Payable, just in time for 1099’s and holiday cards.

Learn the “best” way to get all of Tabs3 and PracticeMaster into the “cloud”

Join Paul Purdue as he answers the ONE question that we get asked more than ANY other: “How do I get ALL of PracticeMaster and Tabs3 into the cloud?”

Tabs3 Connect is a GREAT tool for entering time and accessing Matters, Contacts, and Calendars from the cloud – there’s no denying that. But some people want/need access to more of Tabs3 and PracticeMaster than it can provide. On top of that, there are usually integrations with things like Worldox or Outlook and sometimes workflows that need to run, and those things just don’t function in a Tabs3Connect world.

Paul shows exactly how we are starting to get clients entire infrastructure’s into the cloud using what some people call hosted desktops and what we call acsPrivateCloud. Join Paul for this informative and eye opening session.

Worldox eBite: Learn how to setup a delete where users can salvage their own documents

Join Mary Jo as she demonstrates a technique for deleting documents that allows managers to have more control over what’s being deleted, while allowing users the ability to “undelete” on their own documents.

Tabs3 eBite: Learn how to create a new layout group in the statement designer

Join Mary Jo as she shows how to create a new layout group in the statement designer – the first step in customizing your bills.

PracticeMaster eBite: Learn how to drag and drop entries in the PracticeMaster Calendar

Join Mary Jo as she demonstrates how to drag events from one day to another in the PracticeMaster Calendar, along with how to tweak the calendar settings to allow that to happen.

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