Billing & Accounting.

The foundation of the firm

A Solid Foundation for a Successful Firm...

Collecting revenue and accurate bookkeeping is what keeps your firm running. Something so important as the fiscal health of your company cannot be entrusted to just any software. That’s why we only offer with Tabs3 and CosmoLex for billing and accounting. Why? Because when it comes to billing and accounting, the foundation of your business, you must have something with a proven track record of reliability and security.


Tabs3 is the oldest, most mature billing product on the market today. But Tab3 is no dinosaur, it continues to lead the way with features that minimize entry, error potential and maximize accuracy and efficiency. Its integrated accounting and trust modules give you the ability to secure your information, track your time and get paid faster.

We think it’s the best choice but it’s also at a price point that makes sense. Tabs3 works for any size firm - sole practitioner or a firm of 100+ attorneys. You pay per user for the full program. So no matter the size of your practice, you’ll get all of the features you need for billing and accounting without breaking the bank.