Access documents from outside the office with Worldox Web 3.0

Access documents from outside the office with Worldox Web 3.0

Access documents from outside the office with Worldox Web 3 0 that comes free with WDU14

Have you ever gotten home from work (or to the clients' office, or to the deposition, or ANYWHERE that's not your desk), only to discover that you forgot to checkout the documents from Worldox that you needed? WDU14 will include a new version of Worldox Web that is loaded with new functionality, is much easier to install and maintain, and, best of all, is included free with the update!

Rebecca Sattin, CIO from World Software, explains they have always had a Worldox web product and it has gone through several iterations over the years. The decision was made that Worldox Web 3.0 would make it easier for people to work when they are out of the office. The user interface blends a clean look with the classic look of Worldox you have come to know and love over the years.

With the new soft pop-up window, you are not required to download a file, change a file, and then re-upload a file in order to make changes. The new Worldox Web 3.0 changes how easily it is for you to make changes to a document, email a document, view the document profile, and even look at the different versions of the document - all while you are outside of the office.

Paul Purdue

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