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Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Legal Technology Questions

TechnoLawyer - October 29, 2013: You probably joined TechnoLawyer at least in part because you have legal technology questions. In fact, TechnoLawyer publishes a newsletter called TL Answers entirely devoted to answering questions submitted by TechnoLawyer members. As a legal technology consultant, I receive many questions from the lawyers and staff at small law firms. While I receive pl...

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Question Your Routines

Have you ever questioned why you do the things you do in your office? Are there things that you do for no apparent reason? Last week I found myself photocopying a check to put in a client's file. As I was watching myself do this I asked, “Why do I do this anyways?” After thinking about it, I realized the only reason I did this was because I had always done it. As I stood there thinking a...

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