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Mastering the Tools of Your Craft: The Five Don'ts of Billing and Accounting Software

Michigan Bar Journal - May 2014: Have you ever observed a master craftsman at work? Whether watching a mechanic diagnose the problem with your car, listening to a musician produce hair-raising melodies, or witnessing a carpenter turn a pile of boards into a work of art, there is something special about watching a person create something amazing in his or her chosen field. Master craftsme...

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Decision Fatigue - Stop, Look, and Reevaluate

Recently my family made the decision to switch to a new mobile phone company. We liked a few of their selling points and we were told our existing phones would transfer to the new company seamlessly. Sounded like a plan, so we switched. After we passed the point of no return, it turned out that our phones were not going to be able to transfer and we found ourselves between the proverbial...

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