How to quickly build reusable document sets with SetBuilder

How to quickly build reusable document sets with SetBuilder

Learn how to quickly build reusable document sets with SetBuilder from NetDocuments

Do you have document sets that need to be assembled over and over again? The structure is the same, but the content changes from deal to deal, whether it's closings, or acquisitions, or discovery (or anything else). SetBuilder may be the answer you've been looking for.

SetBuilder is a unique product and NetDocuments acquired this from a law firm that uses NetDocuments. It helps clients to reduce the amount of time it takes to create or compile a number of documents. Identifying and collecting these documents is time-consuming, costly, and often cannot be billed. Not only does this process typically take a lot of time and resources, it also involves risk that key documents will be missed. Said most simply -- there is a lot that is involved in this process and law firms have to do it over and over again.

This is where SetBuilder comes in to help users do easily the following:

  1. Gather and organize documents inside a matter in a consistent way.
  2. Assemble those documents into a single, hyperlinked PDF for digital distribution.
  3. Find previous transactions and identify final closing documents.

SetBuilder adds the most value in three main areas:

  1. Transactional -- Transactional Closings and all related activity
  2. Litigation -- Litigators LOVE SetBuilder for Litigation Briefs, Witness Deposition Binders, and Trial Court Bundles
  3. Knowledge Management -- Human Resources, Compliance, Audit Checklists, and Policy Collections.

In this video you will see how this tool works, get an up-close-and-personal view at how easy the tool is to use, and discover some use cases you may find are perfect for you and your firm.

Paul Purdue

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