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The Ideal Tech Team

I was 17 the first time I experienced the truth behind the adage, "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." A dozen of us in total spent months training at the outdoor camp preparing to traverse 72 miles in a three-day hike on the Appalachian Trail. Our training was as diverse as our team — a blend of physicality, organization, and navigation. Each of the us had different talents...

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Ten Most Frequently Asked Legal Technology Questions

You probably joined TechnoLawyer at least in part because you have legal technology questions. In fact, TechnoLawyer publishes a newsletter called TL Answers entirely devoted to answering questions submitted by TechnoLawyer members. As a legal technology consultant, I receive many questions from the lawyers and staff at small law firms. While I receive plenty of unique questions, I also ...

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Defining the Cloud: Access to Everything Everywhere

“What does he look like?” This is the question somebody asks you when they want to know what another person looks like. The problem is, it is nearly impossible to describe a person’s physical attributes in a way that the listener creates an accurate picture in their mind. In order to successfully create an accurate mental picture, you need to use visuals from some Rosetta-Stone of known ...

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The Five Do's and Don'ts of Billing & Accounting

Michigan Bar Journal - May 2014: Have you ever observed a master craftsman at work? Whether watching a mechanic diagnose the problem with your car, listening to a musician produce hair-raising melodies, or witnessing a carpenter turn a pile of boards into a work of art, there is something special about watching a person create something amazing in his or her chosen field. Master craftsme...

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