Learn how to search documents in PracticeMaster and how Symphony OCR makes all your PDF’s searchable

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into searching documents in PracticeMaster.

If you’re storing documents in PracticeMaster, then you need to be able to zero in on the right document at the right time. Mary Jo explores the different ways that PracticeMaster allows to you to search for documents.

Paul looks at Symphony OCR, a program that will help to make sure that all your PDF documents are in a “readable” format to facilitate full text searching.

Learn all about printer settings in PracticeMaster

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle everything you need to know about printers.

Usually, the printer settings in PracticeMaster are fine the way they are, so that makes it even more challenging when you actually need to change something – where do you go? You’ve probably only been there once or twice before – how do you get back?

We’ll cover it all: landscape vs. portrait; margins; fonts; we’ll even show you how to create a second set of settings for the same printer!

Learn how eNotes enhance communication in PracticeMaster and how to access data from other sources

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they explore communicating using eNotes and accessing your data with ODBC.

Did you ever wish you could have a back and forth conversation (like texting) with someone else in the office about a matter? And then store the conversation with the matter? And even include links to certain records (matter, calendar, journal)? Well you can, and Mary Jo shows you how to do all these things and more with eNotes and eNotify.

Paul talks about using the ODBC drivers to gain access to ALL the data that’s in PracticeMaster (as well as Tabs3, AP, GL, and Trust) from inside ANY ODBC compliant software (like Excel, Access, or Crystal Reports).

Learn how to deal with DFIC errors in PracticeMaster, and how to see all records in certain files

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into DFIC errors (and what to do with them) and Opening files (journal, calendar, etc.) to show all records.

If you’ve ever run a Data File Integrity Check Report, then perhaps you’ve come across an error. Many people know to run the reports (to make sure things are ship shape), but what do you do when you get an error (other than call Mary Jo or STI)? Mary Jo (the one and only) gives you her tips for how to deal with some common DFIC errors.

Paul shows you how to open files in PracticeMaster (calendar, journal, etc.) to show ALL records, not just those that are specific to a certain matter.

Learn how to export emails and manage documents in PracticeMaster

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle exporting emails and Document Management in PracticeMaster.

Ever since version 17 was released, PracticeMaster has upped its’ Document Management game. With advanced features like versioning, automatic naming and file management, and off-site accessibility through Tabs3 Connect (for Platinum installations), PracticeMaster might just be the perfect Document Management Solution for you. Mary Jo shows what PracticeMaster can do.

Paul demonstrates how to export groups of journaled emails out of PracticeMaster to be used outside the program (i.e. to fulfill discovery requests).

Learn how CalendarRules can automate deadlines in PracticeMaster, and how to track changes

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they explore pre-defined calendar rule sets from CalendarRules and how to use history tracking to see what changes have been made to certain fields.

There are so many rules tied to the multitude of things that happen in the courts that they’re hard to keep track of. They can vary by jurisdiction, and sometimes they can even be different from one judge to another. Paul looks at the new CalendarRules integration in PracticeMaster that lets you take advantage of the fact that someone else has figured it all out.

Mary Jo looks at how to setup and use History Tracking to keep track of changes that have been made in PracticeMaster records – even after the fact.

Learn how to move records to a different client and multiple tasks forward in PracticeMaster

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into changing the client ID for existing records on the client tab, and moving multiple tasks forward in a single click.

Have you ever noticed that an existing record (email, note, calendar, etc.) is tagged to the wrong client, and then found that the client ID field is grayed out? Mary Jo reveals the secret that will allow you to make this change.

Paul demonstrates some workflow that we developed to quickly move multiple tasks forward, without having to open each record.

Learn about the Matter Manager, and how to make the Main & Reports Tabs your own in PracticeMaster

Join Paul and Mary Jo on as they tackle the Matter Manager and how to customize the “Main” tab in PracticeMaster.

There are so many things you CAN do in PracticeMaster, but only a handful of things that you mostly do. Mary Jo talks about how to customize the “Main” tab to bring those commonly used tasks front and center.

Paul talks about the Matter Manager, which offers a wealth of client related information in a single screen.

Learn how to control the PracticeMaster Toolbar in Outlook, and how to calculate dates quickly

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they explore controlling the Outlook toolbar and calculating dates.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you’re prompted to journal an email to PracticeMaster and sometimes you’re not? Or why some people get a “J” next to every email they journal and you don’t? Mary Jo looks at how to control what’s happening with your PracticeMaster toolbar in Outlook.

Paul demonstrates how to use the Quick Date Calculator, rather than counting out days by hand.

Learn how to journal and calendar emails into PracticeMaster directly from Outlook

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into Journaling emails as well as creating calendar records from emails.

PracticeMaster’s integration with Outlook is huge – and its’ ability to create PracticeMaster records from specific emails that are then linked to matters or contacts is at the heart of that functionality. Mary Jo looks at creating a calendar record (a task or event) from an email.

Paul demonstrates how to journal entire emails to a specific matter or contact.