Learn how to save a document to multiple places and how to use PracticeMaster Integration in Worldox

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into saving a document to multiple locations and Worldox to PracticeMaster Integration.

Did you ever save a document, and then realize that you want it to be located in multiple places? Did you copy it there one at a time? Mary Jo shows a neat trick that will allow you to distribute the document to all locations at the same time.

Paul reviews the integration options that are available to create fee, calendar, and journal records directly from Worldox, as well as open the Matter Manager for that specific matter.

Join us for our Open Forum Worldox Virtual User Group Meeting – you ask, we answer.

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle something new and different.

Have you ever had a specific question that you wished we would cover in a Worldox Virtual User Group meeting? Well, this is your chance! During this month’s VUG, we will be taking questions as they come. Email your questions ahead of time to Paul.Purdue@AttorneyComputerSystems.com, and we’ll do our best to make sure Mary Jo covers it.

Paul provides color commentary (some things don’t ever change).

Learn how to Check out and Check in documents, and all about the Salvage Bin in Worldox

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they explore checking out documents and the salvage bin.

Do you know what happens when you send a document to the salvage bin in Worldox? More importantly, do you know how to get them back? Mary Jo spends some time unlocking these mysteries and more.

Paul gets into the intricacies of checking out documents, how to check them back in, what do do if you didn’t change anything, and more.

Learn how to manage updates and learn what a Legal Hold is in Worldox

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into updates and Legal Holds.

Have you ever wondered if you are on the latest version of Worldox? Have you ever wondered if there is even a way to TELL? Well, wonder no more, as Mary Jo takes a close look at version management and how to plan for an update.

Paul talks about Legal Holds: a feature that lets you put specific documents in a protected place where they can’t be edited, when mandated by the court to do so.

Learn how to track document related tasks and audit documents in the Worldox WDU14 update

Join Paul and Mary as they tackle Tasks and Workflows.

Have you ever stored a document in Worldox and then gone into Outlook just to make a note that you need to do something to that document later? The Tasks feature (which now comes FREE in the WDU14 update) allows you to create those tasks directly from Worldox, while you’re editing or storing the document. Mary Jo demonstrates how this works.

Paul shows the Notify feature (that is now also included free in the WDU14 update) that allows you to setup automatic notifications when auditable events occur to documents and matters.

Learn how to display a list without emails and how to measure doc type utilization in Worldox

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they explore excluding emails from lists and identifying underutilized document types.

Have you ever looked at a list of documents in Worldox and noticed that it’s 98% emails? Have you ever wished you could exclude those emails? Mary Jo shows you a trick that might help to cut down on that clutter.

Paul shows you how to get a list of all the doc types in your system with a count of how many documents are currently assigned to each one.

Learn how to best utilize “help” and how to manage the system passwords in Worldox

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into using help and managing the system passwords in Worldox.

Did you ever have a question about Worldox that you just couldn’t find an answer for? Mary Jo takes a deep dive into the help function within Worldox. She explains how it’s accessed, how it’s organized, and how to get the most from the information you’ll find there.

Paul takes a look at the administrative passwords that can control closing Worldox, saving outside of Worldox, and other top level functionality.

Learn how to archive documents and how to inactivate clients, matters, and doc types in Worldox

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they tackle archiving and marking things as inactive.

Did you ever wish that there was some way to exclude documents that belong to inactive matters from those that are active? Mary Jo talks about how to move all or some of a matters documents to an “Archive” area so that they don’t clutter up the rest of Worldox.

And while we’re on the subject of removing clutter: Paul talks about how to mark clients, matters, and doc types as inactive so they don’t get in the way.

Learn 4 neat email tricks and how to get back messages you said to “not show again” in Worldox

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they explore a few email tips and reveal how to restore those pop up messages that you didn’t really mean to say “don’t show again” to.

Did you ever click on “Don’t Show Again”, only to discover (usually the next day) that you really do want to see that specific confirmation dialog box? We have, and Mary Jo shows you how to selectively reset those pop ups.

Paul demonstrates how to add your signature to emails that start in Worldox, how to drag emails to favorite matters, and a couple of neat address rule tips.

Learn how to create versions and how to convert to a PDF in Worldox

Join Paul and Mary Jo as they delve into versioning and saving as a PDF from Word or Excel.

Have you ever struggled with the best way to create a PDF from a Word document or Excel spreadsheet? Mary Jo reveals what we believe to be the quickest and most efficient route.

Paul takes a deep dive into best practices for creating multiple versions of a document.