Don’t tell them no, until you’ve talked to Paul or Mary Jo!

Corny? Sure. But it’s true: Attorney Computer Systems has certain areas of expertise that we have developed over the years, and some STI resellers have taken advantage of our expertise in these areas. We now bring the catalog of services to the entire STI reseller circle with our Dealer Services Group.

The financial arrangements are simple. We can either bill the reseller at our reduced rate, or we can bill the customer directly at whatever rate the reseller wishes. In the later arrangement, we then pay the reseller the difference immediately after we are paid by the client.

The relationship with the client can either be as Attorney Computer Systems doing work on behalf of the reseller, or we can present ourselves to the the client as being a part of the resellers’ organization. The client belongs to the reseller, and will ALWAYS belong to the reseller, even if they come to Attorney Computer Systems directly at a later date to commission work, regardless of whether that new work involves a prior project or a new project.

We offer the following services:

HotDocs Sales

Since HotDocs only sells through authorized resellers, and instead offers only a 10% finders fee to non-authorized resellers, we can procure HotDocs on behalf of your client and offer a 12.5% finders fee.

HotDocs Form Generation

Unlike Word Document Assembly, HotDocs can assemble PDF forms directly from PracticeMaster, affording all of the enhanced functionality to the creation of PDF forms. This is increasingly significant, since many courts are now turning to fillable PDFs for their forms.

HotDocs Doc Coding

What we cannot do in Word directly (or what takes much longer and ultimately costs the client more), we can do in HotDocs. Better dialog with the user (including field formatting and conditional dialogs), sophisticated gender and pronoun management, elegant handling of singular vs duplicative data (like attorneys, plaintiffs, defendants, etc.), and the ability to generate PDFs are just some of the many reasons that justify a firms investment in HotDocs as an add on to PracticeMaster. We have been coding in HotDocs with PracticeMaster since version 1.0 of PracticeMaster (back when it was called CaseMaster, and the ONLY way to code documents was with HotDocs).

Word Document Coding

We have been coding documents in PracticeMaster since version 1.0 (back when it was called CaseMaster). If it can be done in Word Document Assembly, we can code it. We have even developed macro based code that overcomes some of the shortcomings of Word Document Coding, such as the unpredictable nature of data that is inserted into tables, or the inability to sort data (like fees or people).