Document Management.

Attorneys Need Their Documents

Document Management ...

If you are still using folders on a network think of all the steps you take to find a document you need. Probably too many. What if you aren’t in the office? What if you’re on a different computer? What if that particular document was accidentally stored in the wrong folder? It might as well be lost. A law office needs a robust, secure document management system.

Document management offers more than just convenience to your office staff. Your document management system has to be safe, secure and comply with all required governance protocols.

We recommend a system that ensures your documents and all communications are identified with a unique doc stamp that connects it to a single matter and client. This identifier helps you keep documents organized so you can find what you need almost immediately. It also helps you file documents automatically, so they always go to the correct location in the first place.


Accessible to all who need it.  And no one else ...

These documents you manage contain highly sensitive information and it’s up to you to protect that information. But you have to be able to share these documents securely with others. That means they ONLY go to the people who need them and are fully protected from anyone else.

  • Quickly distribute documents and get feedback.
  • Works securely on multiple devices.
  • Find what you need when you need it.

The document management systems we recommend have a proven track record of security and reliability. You can safely share documents with others who need to access and collaborate on them. This helps increase workplace productivity and you can stay focused on your clients.