eBites Video Series

These are the gems – you’ve found them! Just as the name implies, these are little morsels of information on a specific tip, tidbit, or feature. These are things that we think are really neat, or helpful, or both, but they are not long enough to cover in a Virtual User Group Meeting.

You’ll find interesting information on all programs (Tabs3, PracticeMaster, Worldox, the accounting modules – anything we deal with here at Attorney Computer Systems). Rather than break them up into separate groups by program, we throw them all into this collective “pot” and let you sort through them – like gems. You’ll notice that the first part of the title tells you right away which program is involved.


PracticeMaster eBite: “See” your day after it happens by using the Visual Timer Display in PracticeMaster

Use the Visual Timer Display to see how all of your timer records have filled up your day