Marketing & CRM.

Manage Your Relationships

Marketing & CRM ...

Attracting and retaining clients is essential to a successful law practice. It is what keeps your business going. But in a busy law office it’s easy to think of marketing and customer relationship management as an afterthought or extra set of tasks. Who has time for even more work? But we know it’s vital, so we make it easy.

In many cases, we can integrate your existing marketing CRM software with PracticeMaster or create a system that works for your practice. You’ll keep your connection with clients on-track while securing new clients to drive your business.

If you don’t have existing marketing & CRM software, no problem. We can create a hassle-free program that integrates seamlessly with your practice management.  Have you been considering a freestanding marketing & CRM software package?  We would love to talk to you about why we have recently become a solutions partner with HubSpot and how it may complement your current infrastructure.  


You Might Already Have What You Need ...

If you have PracticeMaster, you can easily utilize this program to manage your marketing & CRM needs. PracticeMaster can integrate with existing software to turn your contacts into clients. It makes sense because PracticeMaster is really a relational database program.  Yes, that’s nerd talk, but for your company it means many benefits.

  • Enter contacts in your system just once.
  • We can adapt the fields to perform all of your marketing & CRM tasks.
  • Easy to see current database of all marketing & CRM connections and responses.

As your contacts become clients, your entire relationship history is already in your database. You’ll see all of their responses and communication with your firm. You can see what aspects of your marketing & CRM strategies are working well and what might benefit from a different approach.