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The Show Will Start in Five Minutes

Have you ever been lied to? My wife and I were lied to when we saw Hamilton in Chicago, and it was perfect.

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Puzzled by the Puzzle Pieces?

“It’s an elbow.”

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Do You See the Forest from the Trees?

My mother loved Christmas Trees. Some of my earliest memories include her love for the intricacies of each ornament, the details of the strings of lights, and her attention to detail regarding how […]

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A State of Simply Service

Winter in Michigan can be rough, especially if you are trying to ascend to the top of an ice-covered slanted driveway to get up to your hotel lobby in time to make it to your dinner meeting. […]

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Cut Through the BS -- Get the Right Tool for the Job

Life is like a busted mailbox. Actually, that’s not true, but having your mailbox busted is not fun. My mailbox gets busted frequently because I live out in the country with beautiful dirt roads […]

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