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Comfort in the Known Helps Us Traverse the Unknown

Regardless of what’s happening in the world, there will be lawyers practicing law. 

And as long as there are lawyers practicing law, we know two things to be true:

  1. Lawyers need to bill for their time, and
  2. Lawyers must have access to their documents.

We were all caught by surprise with this pandemic, and we all needed to immediately adjust the way we work.  Once the initial shock faded, have you taken the time to evaluate how well your infrastructure is setup?  How well you can communicate? How well you can continue to collaborate? Is it efficient? Is it secure?

I believe strongly that we’re in the midst of a major transformation on the same level as the Industrial Revolution.  While I don’t know what clever name history will give this period of time, I do know the way we work with each other is permanently changed.  We are being forced to adapt quickly.

One of the ways we’re being forced to adapt is by having access to the documents we need wherever we are, and to have this access in a way that is secure, collaborative, searchable, and totally integrated with our firm’s work processes (infrastructure as I often refer to it).

With everything that is going on, is now the best timing for a technology project?

Yes, it is certainly worth strong consideration for most firms for two reasons:

  1. The Future is Now: Implementing a cloud-based document management system at your firm is something we believe is inevitable. So, the question becomes not if, but when.
  2. Stimulus Money: If you are among the many other small businesses who are going to be taking advantage of programs like the Paycheck Protection Program which provides you up to 250% of your average monthly payroll to NOT layoff your staff and forgives the loan after 8 weeks, you can use this time and money to invest in upgrading your firm's infrastructure.  We will use the time to stay productive during work-from-home time, and the project could be complete just as things begin to clear and go back to normal.

Even though we are all experiencing this pandemic differently, we are all in it together.  We can try to stay focused on those things that we can control.  One thing we can control is our infrastructure. If you are not satisfied with how your current infrastructure supports your abilities to remain productive and efficient, perhaps now is the best time to make plans to improve it permanently.

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