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Taking the Scare out of the Roller Coaster

Cedar Point is the greatest amusement park in the country. There are two types of people that get into the park early. The first group is made up of all the platinum pass holders like my family and […]

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Unplugging Productivity Killers

In a recent Comcast commercial, a ten-year-old boy feels chagrined because his parents are wasting the power of their high speed internet connection on watching funny dog and cat videos. This boy […]

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Cat Emergency Proves to be Tricky Business

As I stared at the text message, I wondered what my wife meant when she said, “Cat emergency. Get home quickly.”

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Choosing the Road Less Traveled


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Painting Yourself into a Corner

What if I told you that many of the activities you do to “save time” at work are actually costing you time?

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