There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You – And That’s Totally Cool

I think that everyone, to one to degree or another, considers themselves special. Each of us has something we do well. We each have a value we contribute to the world – something unique about ourselves. Even when you know you’re awesome, it’s easy to fall short of your own expectations. Comparing yourself to people […]

Dream Big, but Keep Taking your Steps

Great ideas are easier to generate than they are to execute. When you’re visualizing an ideal solution — like a new project or a way to get more clients — the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. You dream big, and then break it down into manageable steps. What happens when that vision gets […]

A Totally Integrated Approach to Client Relations

If everyone could generate business, then we’d all be millionaires. Many firms have trouble connecting with the people that need their services. When you’re drumming up new business, there’s three “phases” you go through: – Acquiring a new client. Discovering who they are. Finding them in the first place. – Converting the lead. Signing on […]

Only So Many Times

I have two great kids – Katie and Spencer. I was chatting with my son, and he reminded me of a life lesson I shared with my children when they were just little kids. Funny thing is, it took twenty years for me to realize the full teaching myself. Little kids love repetition. Once something […]

It Takes Two (Types of Thinking)

The other night, I was having a conversation with my wife, Barb. She’s a retired first grade school teacher. She keeps busy and makes extra cash working part-time in the deli at Cabela’s, a popular sporting goods and outdoor retailer. Barb told me about her day and how they went from slow to super busy. […]

Nurturing an Idea

Everybody wants something. In the workplace this is no different. What is it that you want? People in the firms I visit talk to me about the things they want to happen in the firm. Whether it is a change in a particular workflow, a solution to a recurring problem, or even something as simple […]

Fear, a Curious Beast

Many years ago, I remember teaching my children to ride a bike. The day came when it was time to take the training wheels off — time for them to learn how to ride, balance, pedal, and steer. As the parent in the situation I knew they would learn it. I also knew that they […]

Include, Blend, and Transcend

Playing music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I first started learning how to play, I began by imitating those who inspired me. Following in the footsteps of musicians like Elton John, Ben Folds, and Jackson Browne, I learned everything I know about music. One day, […]

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

There are countless programs, movies, self-help books, and scheduling programs which promise to improve your efficiency, reduce your stress, and increase your creativity. What is it about these types of personal improvements that are so appealing to us? Increasing our capacity while reducing our level of stress is appealing because of the potential it offers […]

Siri-ously Patient and Kind

Talking to Siri and getting her to understand me has taken some time. Anyone who has used voice recognition software, or has watched somebody try and use voice recognition software, understands how people have to speak differently to these devices. “Directions to Home,” you say. “Read messages,” you say. In order to have effective communication […]