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Value & The Placebo Effect

Imagine there are two types of value: inherent and perceived.

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The Value of Brevity and Specificity

Did you ever tie a ribbon around your finger to remember something? Before we had smartphones, emails and countless other digital ways to set a reminder, a ribbon around your finger was the best way […]

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There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You - And That’s Totally Cool

I think that everyone, to one to degree or another, considers themselves special. Each of us has something we do well. We each have a value we contribute to the world - something unique about […]

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Dream Big, but Keep Taking your Steps

Great ideas are easier to generate than they are to execute. When you’re visualizing an ideal solution — like a new project or a way to get more clients — the possibilities are only limited by your […]

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A Totally Integrated Approach to Client Relations

If everyone could generate business, then we’d all be millionaires. Many firms have trouble connecting with the people that need their services. When you’re drumming up new business, there’s three […]

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