Don’t Quit While You’re Behind

There is nothing quite like a fresh calendar to give you a moment to pause and consider what you’d like to be different in your life. We all take this time of the year as a time to make new commitments to ourselves — to make new commitments to improve some aspect of our personal […]

Butterfly Effect in Business

There was a day and time when it was very important for me to understand cause and effect.  I would look at people who had lost a lot of weight and wonder what they were able to do to create that change in their life.  I would look at business success in the same fashion.  […]

Tell Me How to Read

“Tell me how to read,” she said. Tell me how to read? I remember just sitting there so many years ago when my daughter was only five years old.  “Tell me how to read,” she repeated.  She just stood there with a book in her hand demanding that I tell her how to read it. […]

Discover your Music

Playing music requires practice. What may start as rote practice of the fundamentals required for the craft, grows with your understanding of the skills involved. As the skills are mastered, they are dissolved into the very essence of yourself. As the lesser lessons are completed, you own them and you move on to more difficult […]

Unlocking the Master Within

It is fun when something you learn directly improves your life. For me this learning utopia occurred as I mastered the Monopoly Game app on my phone. You see, one of the things I do when I need a break from the day is play Monopoly against the computer on my phone. Using my masterful […]

Strength of the Present

My attention was interrupted by the sound of a honking horn from the car behind me.  The green light must have escaped my attention as I sat in the front of the green light not moving.  Perhaps I was looking at the next intersection’s red light, or perhaps my mind was wandering.  Whichever the case, […]

Your State of Experience

Getting a new pair of glasses can be an enlightening experience, especially when you were desperately due for a new pair of glasses. There is that moment after you put the new glasses on that you can see so clearly — so clearly that you wondered how you ever got around with your old pair […]

Throw That Fish

Pike Place Market in Seattle is best known for its fresh seafood, excellent dining, and, most importantly, fish throwing. If you’re not familiar with it, I suggest a quick YouTube search so you can get the visual of the large fish being launched from one person to another. Focusing on just one person you’ll see […]

Changing Your Boss

There is a great change taking place inside the workplace – a change I celebrate and encourage. There was a day when you looked to your boss for instructions on how to do your job. Your boss would tell you what to do, show you how to do it, and you would perform the job […]

Making Changes Stay Changed

If you want tomatoes, you plant tomato seeds. If you want peppers, you plant pepper seeds. This straightforward concept is the basis for understanding the relationship between cause and effect. You start with your desire, and then you take action to produce that desire. The same relationship exists when you want to make a change. […]