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Don't Worry, Be Happy

There are countless programs, movies, self-help books, and scheduling programs which promise to improve your efficiency, reduce your stress, and increase your creativity. What is it about these types […]

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Siri-ously Patient and Kind

Talking to Siri and getting her to understand me has taken some time. Anyone who has used voice recognition software, or has watched somebody try and use voice recognition software, understands how […]

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Don’t Quit While You’re Behind

There is nothing quite like a fresh calendar to give you a moment to pause and consider what you’d like to be different in your life. We all take this time of the year as a time to make new […]

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Butterfly Effect in Business

There was a day and time when it was very important for me to understand cause and effect.  I would look at people who had lost a lot of weight and wonder what they were able to do to create that […]

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Tell Me How to Read

"Tell me how to read,” she said.

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