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Changing Your Boss

There is a great change taking place inside the workplace - a change I celebrate and encourage.

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Making Changes Stay Changed

If you want tomatoes, you plant tomato seeds. If you want peppers, you plant pepper seeds. This straightforward concept is the basis for understanding the relationship between cause and effect. You […]

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Contemplating the “What If?”

There was a sinking feeling when I realized my computer was not going to recover. How was I going to get my work done? Did I lose anything I needed? Should I immediately go and buy another computer? […]

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Deliberate Synthesis - The Art of Blending Yourself

There was a time recently when I was at the Chicago Museum of Fine Art and I stood in awe at some of the pieces on display. As I stood there looking at these masterpieces hanging on the wall, I could […]

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Competing Desires Test Your Mettle

Walking outside is one of my favorite things to do in the morning. However, walking outside when it is freezing cold and snowing really puts you through your paces.

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