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River of enthusiasm

You see a lot from the front of a room while giving training to a group in a law office.  You see the looks of people who are stressed out. You see the blank stares of people who are lost in thought.  You see the worriers, the angry folks, and the disengaged. However, once in a while, you see something rare – you see the enthusiastic learner. 

When you have an enthusiastic and engaged person in a room, something happens to everybody else in the room – they change.  When you have the person who always has their hand up, who is asking questions, and who is generally positive about what they are learning, the people around them perk up, cheer up, and lighten up. Everybody in the room becomes more enthusiastic. 

Who are these enthusiastic people? More importantly – how did they get to be that way? These people have decided to be enthusiastic. They have decided to be fully engaged with their life and what it brings to them every day.  Thay have also decided to enjoy, fully enjoy, as much of their experiences as they possibly can. Now, they may not be conscious of the fact that they choose this, but they are, in their own way, making a choice. 

We are all making a choice.  Every situation, every interaction, and every everything is a choice we make regardless of whether we are aware of it or not. We may not choose the circumstances, but we absolutely choose how we react to our circumstances.  We choose whether or not we are going to be positive, light, and enthusiastic. 

Look at engagement.  You cannot choose if something is good or bad, but you can choose whether or not you are fully engaged with your circumstances?  If you are distracting yourself with nonsense or letting your thoughts run amok, then you’re choosing to not be fully engaged.  

Look at enthusiasm.  You cannot choose everything that you need to do today, but you can choose the level of enthusiasm you’ll put into the activities that you need to do. Maybe you aren’t fond of what you need to do, but if you have to do a thing, why not choose to do it enthusiastically? 

Look at enjoyment. What if you dislike what you have to do today?  You still have to do it, but it’s your choice to do it with or without joy.  Why not choose to do it joyfully? 

Think back to a time when you felt enthusiastic and joyful.  How do you bring those feelings of joy and enthusiasm into your life today?  It’s a choice! Make the choice to let go of stress and worry. Allow yourself to be swept away by the river of enthusiasm that already flows within you.  Let it carry you forward with a spirit of joy! 

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