Practice Management.

Manage your Matters

Practice Management ...

Running a legal office requires super skills. You need to be organized, efficient and security compliant -- not just some of the time, all of the time. And you need more than Outlook because you need to handle and access complex legal matters. With PracticeMaster you have all of the information to run your practice at-a-glance.

With PracticeMaster you can set it, forget it and focus on your work because we’ve got your management needs covered.

You’ll see your client’s contact information and all activity for every matter: emails, documents, fees, appointments, costs, research notes, and phone records. You can view billing summaries for each matter to discern what’s been paid, billed, and the balance of the client’s account. You can also see information related to your specific area of practice. It’s all organized by matter/client and easy for you to locate and manage.


Calendar Management ...

Your time is valuable, so why spend it setting appointments on the calendar, then changing them, then changing them again? It happens because when you have multiple clients with multiple matters and multiple attorneys and staff involved, scheduling gets exponentially more challenging. With PracticeMaster you can schedule appointments for one person, groups or everyone in your firm. You’ll be able to:

  • See appointments for everyone in your office or view just the tasks and appointments for a specific matter or client.
  • Check for conflicting events already scheduled.
  • Use federal, state, county or even jurisdiction specific criteria when creating reminders and due dates.
You can set optional reminders and alarms to make sure you never miss a meeting or forget to do something important. And security is built into the program. You can customize privacy settings which control which employees see appointments for certain attorneys and/or clients.