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Some may call them superpowers.

Billing & Accounting...

Billable hours, expense reports, invoicing -- you need to do it, you have to do it, but you probably don’t like to do it. We know you need a hassle-free and reliable way to record your time, keep track of expenses, bill accurately and meet all of your accounting needs. 

You can’t run a successful firm without recording incoming revenue and precise bookkeeping. Yet, billing and accounting is usually an afterthought feature with most software. We think it should be the foundation of the program. 

That’s why we decided in 1985 to focus entirely on what we found to be the best billing and accounting software available – Tabs3 (and now also its cloud-based sister product, CosmoLex). Whether we were smart or lucky, we made the right choice. It was good then, it’s even better now

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Billing and Accounting

Custom Development ...

Portals, Dashboards, Reports -- sometimes you need something special and off-the-shelf software isn’t quite enough. There might be certain things you’ll want to do that you can’t right away.  You need software that’s flexible and customizable for YOUR practice.

With other software programs you get what you get, instead of what you need. Maybe a “future update” can help you, but that doesn’t help you today. If you need custom portals, dashboards and reports designed for your firm, we can build exactly what you need – right now. 

It’s what we do, it’s what we are known for and we have more capabilities than anyone else to customize a solution to meet your exact needs. It’s a program that works for your firm, not the masses.

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Custom Development

Document & Workflow Automation ...

What’s in a name?  Pretty much everything when you sit down with a client to sign their documents. But what if the name of another client appears on page three, paragraph two? In that case you know that someone in your office pulled up a previous document and forgot to change one occurrence of that person’s name to the new person. Disaster.

This wastes your time, your client’s time and you know your client is thinking “What ELSE is wrong with my documents?” It’s shoddy work and it’s an unfortunate reflection on your firm, but you can make sure this kind of thing never happens again.

Document and workflow automation is capturing knowledge.  With the right program all of your documents will assemble correctly because your software is coded to ensure accuracy.  All options are accounted for in every instance. Also, it assists the workflow process in that every single deadline, form and filing requirement is met and on time. You won’t miss a step. 

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Document and Workflow Automation

Document Management ...

“Where is the file for …” “Get me the changes on…” “Can we review the latest contract on…” In our increasingly mobile business environment, documents have to be instantly accessible to all parties. Time spent locating a document is wasted time. How much time have you wasted lately? 

More than half of law firms still just use folders on a network for document management.  You know how that goes. You create a folder for a client and under that you create a folder for a specific matter for that client and under that the documents go, and so on and so on.

Our document management program provides a doc stamp ID for each document – a unique identifier for each document in each matter in each case.  And the collaboration and accessibility feature ensures that each document is up-to-date and available to all parties when and where you need it.

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Document Management Systems

Marketing & CRM ...

How can you make sure you are keeping marketing and CRM needs on track?  Our practice management software, PracticeMaster, can integrate with virtually any stand-alone program that you may be currently using, or we can help get you started with our preferred marketing and CRM tool, HubSpot.

Or, if you don’t have a stand-alone marketing program, we can customize your Practice Master screen to keep track of your marketing/CRM information. We can add fields to files, we can add files to area of practice, we can add tabs to the matter screen, we can arrange how the fields are organized. 

We can also take out fields you don’t want and rework the screen in your contact file to hold the marketing and CRM information you need. At-a-glance you can see all of the details you need. Is this person on the Christmas card list? Did they respond to your eblast? Are they coming to the holiday party or are we sending the tin of popcorn instead? All crucial for your marketing/CRM. We design it to make your life easier.

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Marketing and CRM

Practice Management ...

Practice Management is the big kahuna, the whole enchilada.  The umbrella that covers all of your management needs. It handles document/workflow automation, calendar, correspondence, accounting, marketing – all of it. It takes the things that you are currently doing in a people-centered world and adds a layer of matter-centricity. You are already doing many of these things, you just don’t know it.

Say you have to find a particular contract someone mentions in an email. In a people-centric world you have to look at each person’s email chain to try to put this conversation together. You are looking through dozens (or hundreds) of emails. If those emails had been put away in Practice Master anyone involved can see the conversation pertaining this matter. Practice Master also shows you a calendar view – with all the tasks, deadlines, meetings related to this matter on the calendar.

What if you only have a name? Relax, you can still do a people-centered search, but with Practice Master you have so many more search options. It saves you worry and time. Let us handle this, you’ve got work to do.

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Practice Management

Training ...

You get a new car and they hand you a GIANT instruction manual. Do you read it and memorize every feature before you drive it home? Probably not.  And you won’t need to learn every feature of your law firm’s new office software either.  But where do you start?  And how do you know what to learn to make sure you are using this software correctly?

That’s where we come in. This is where our years of experience pay dividends here.  We’ve gone through the learning curve and we know what questions to ask. We teach you what you need to know to make sure you are implementing all of the key features of your new software. 

If you don’t get it all the first time, no worries. We believe in ongoing training and we can always come back to show you what’s next and how you can increase your productivity and up your office game. We’ve solved these problems for others, let’s solve them for you.

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Staff Training for Law Firms

What our clients say ...

I have lots of big projects budgeted for you guys this year because you always make my clients’ lives better and I have worked with you long enough to know you know what you’re doing!

Matt David

Sulair Tech