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Training ...

People think training is the simple part. You just buy software and get trained on it. Right? But that’s not the whole story. It’s really much more than that. Training is part of our big three – Customization, Implementation and Training. These services all work together to create the whole experience. After we’ve customized a program for your firm, we implement it. After we’ve implemented your software, then we start training.

Training is not a one-and-done experience with us. Learning is a key part of an ongoing sustainable business model.

We start with initial training to get you started. At first, you’ll probably use just a small percentage of your program’s potential. So, after you’ve gotten up to speed on that part, we can explore and show you more ways this software can work for you. We can adapt it to change or improve the way you do business. We can capture knowledge in your infrastructure so that it’s custom-tailored to your business. A well-trained staff saves your company time, money and headaches.


New Employee ?

Do you have a new employee who needs to get a crash course?  We can help you get your new employees up to speed quickly. 

  • Initial training for new employees.
  • Ongoing support during their first few months
  • Custom training packages available to match your situation.

We understand that training is never "one size fits all," therefore we prefer to create custom training packages for each of out clients.