Document & Workflow Automation

Fewer Errors, More Productive

Documents and Deadlines ...

No matter how busy your office gets, you need to create accurate documents 24/7, find them fast and track all the changes over time. Oh, AND you have to meet every deadline without fail. Our document and workflow automation software ensures you’ll assemble documents perfectly, find them quickly and never say “Oh I forgot to do that!”

Your documents can link to any client or matter so that you can find it right away. Each document has built in history tracking -- so you can easily see when changes were made and who made them.

And assembling error-free documents is quick and easy using Area of Practice Templates. These templates let you change the client entry fields so that you’re able to enter all the data relevant to your matter. Whether it’s Family Law, Criminal Law, Business Law, Consumer Law, Real Estate, Wills & Trusts, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Patent Law or Immigration, there’s a template that fits your practice.


We got this ... 

Running a legal office is full of tasks and deadlines. You juggle so many at once and even the most organized person can lose track of something, it happens! Our workflow software automates your office procedures and helps you manage all of your day-to-day duties.

With workflow automation you'll: 

  • See fewer errors.
  • Train new staff members more quickly.
  • Be more productive.

Workflow automation can start tasks for you or offer reminders after you perform a particular action. It helps you keep track of adding appointments, starting emails, displaying messages, managing reports or launching other software features or programs. And you can easily train new team members because you’ve already “got a system” that works!